Shanghai - just the name conjures up the mysterious east, where coolies are "shanghaied" into slavery. Not today. The old stands side by side with the new, high rise buildings. The Maglev, a bullet train, takes you from the airport to the city faster than the one in Tokyo, at a speed of 270 mph in 7 minutes (vs. an hour by highway)!!

Shanghai, our last stop, offered little time to do more than take an evening cruise along the Bund and shop. The Bazaar was the shopping area of choice, and shop we did. After all, we had been limited all the rest of the trip by intra-China air transport luggage constraints (much more limited than international ones).

Photo credits: Jay Rosenthal
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On the way to ...
...the bullet train (Maglev)
Enjoying our ride
270 mph!!
Leaving the station
The former French district
Bamboo scaffolding
On the way to the bazaar
The bazaar
Near the zigzag bridge
Show and tell - new luggage for our
return trip to the States
More new luggage
The old
The new, and more cranes
Terrianne presenting Yulan with
a "little something" for
making the trip a success
Nightfall on the bund
Another view
Is that the moon?
From the boat
Another view
Our last dinner together - table 1
Our last dinner together - table 2 
The old and the new
Thanks, Yulan