In June 2006, we were part of a 16 day Sugarloaf Craft Festival tour of China. We chose the extended trip, which included stays in Suzhou and Nanjing before joining the rest of the group in Beijing, then on to Xi'an and finally, Shanghai. We visited many workshops and factories which made teapots, silk, embroidery, fans, pearls, and pottery, and, of course, the usual stops in Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and the Terra Cotta soldiers. We also experienced traveling from Nanjing to Beijing on an overnight sleeper train and the 270 mph bullet train from the airport to Shanghai.

Everyone has a different point of view when describing a trip. This website is my best recollection of what I experienced.

Jay Rosenthal
July 2006

Photo credits: Jay Rosenthal
terra cotta warriors