First, the train ride: It was delightful (contrary to our expectations). As you can see, we had a compartment that slept 4, with individual TVs. Both squat and flush toilets were available.

Beijing is the host of the 2008 Olympics, and they are working fast and furiously to bring the city into the 21st century. All you see on the horizon are bulding cranes on the top of new high rise buildings. There are six ring roads (what we would call beltways) around the city. With a population of 17.5 million, there are still horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles, and cars.

We did the typical tourist things: Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, cloisonne factory, the Great Wall, Beijing duck dinner, Chinese acrobats show, Imperial Garden-Summer Palace. Our last stop before catching our flight to Shanghai was the Free Enterprise Marketplace, which sold everything.

Photo credits: Jay Rosenthal
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Nanjng-Beijing Sleeper train
Four to a compartment
Waiting for drinks in the bar car
Hotel in Beijing
Tiananmen Square
Jay, Max and Mao
Forbidden City
Behind every emperor, there's an empress
Centuries old!
The swarm of the vendors
Cloisonne factory
More cloisonne handwork
The Temple of Heaven
Restoration in time for the Olympics
Ceramic end cap for tile roof
Bikes parked at the metro
Beijing duck
The Great Wall
The Great Wall
One of our great dinners
Alan - guide for a moment
More free-style water calligraphy
Not to be confused with the swan
boats in Boston Commons
Terrianne and Max putting their
bargaining skills to the test
Chinese toll booth