Our three-night stay in Nanjing was at the Nanjing Xun Wu Hotel, with a 20th floor revolving dining room. The hotel was one block from the Xun Wu Lake Park, where in the early morning you can observe the locals exercising... including walking, tai chi, sculling (the logo for this website, above, was taken there), and free-form water calligraphy.

Activities included a visit to an embroidery factory, Yulan's parents' apartment, a calligrapher who made chops for us, the night market, the Xixia Temple with the Thousand Buddah cliffside, the Nanjing Memorial, the bridge over the Yangtzee with its Cultural Revolution sculptures, and a ferry ride across the Yangtzee. Some of these images are included below. Others will hopefully follow when other tour participants help to make up for the images I mistakenly deleted!

We then boarded an overnight sleeper train to Beijing, an event we were dreading based on conversations with friends and relatives who were familiar with Chinese rail services. Boy, were we pleasantly surprised!! See the pix on the Beijing page.

Photo credits: Terrianne Taylor and Jay Rosenthal
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Another two-person loom
In the rigging
Front of rug seen in mirror
Cultured pearl farm
A 6 year old oyster's pearl harvest
Yulan and her parents' ....
... wonderful hospitality
The calligrapher at work ...
.. and making our personal chops
night market
Night Market
The old and the new
One of the morning exercise groups
Our home - Nanjing Xun Wu Hotel
Freestyle water calligraphy
The gates of Xun Wu Park
Local f armer's market
One of the "products" available at the market
Cooling fans purchased at a local farmer's market
Xixia Temple grounds
With Buddist monks
Jim earning some extra money at Xixia
Architecture - Xixia grounds
Yulan getting her palm and face read
Yangtzee River bridge sculptures
Supports for Yangtzee River Bridge
Break time
On the ferry
Locals love pix with "Master" Alan
Flying the PRC flag
Local transportation