Team Slow and the Hens
Monday, August 12, 2013

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Team Slow and the Hens morphed into Team Slow, spouses, the Hens, and the YaYas during the Hens' trip to the Iowa State Fair.  Hats off (once again) to Janet and Mary Kay for organizing and executing the master plan (just like our Minnesota biking trip where Janet organized, created the pre-trip packet of material, and was the de facto group leader.

Here is Janet's pre-trip package, emailed to Ken, Ed and Jay on July 22:

We have many wonderful things planned for your state fair visit. Some we would like to keep as a surprise. Here is what you need to know:

Monday Ken arrives at 12:50 and Ed and Jay at 1:50. Mary Kay and I will be there to collect you and your belongings. Ken can eat with us at the airport while waiting. So, Ed and Jay should eat lunch at Midway.

Ken is staying at Mary Kay's house and Jay and Ed will stay with me.

Monday night you need outdoor clothing (it is usually very hot in August) and comfortable shoes.

Tuesday is the fair and the above clothing is needed along with sunscreen, hat and anything else you need for sun.

Wed. we will make a visit that requires clothing and go back to the fair.

Thur. is whatever you wear on a plane. I will take Jay and Ed to the airport. Mary Kay and I will take Ken after lunch.

We are eating all our meals at someone's house or the fair, except one breakfast.

If you have any questions just let me know.

Looking forward to a great time!



The hens flew in on Monday, and flew out on Thursday, so every minute counted.  Janet and Mary Kay made sure there was no down time.  After Ken, Ed and Jay were picked up at the airport, we all went back to Janet's house to settle in with a few drinks before setting out on our progressive dinner, as shown below:

1 2 13 3
4 5
First stop - El Bait Shop for microbrews.  Then we went across the street to The Big Yellow Bike, which we pedaled to the other restaurants on the tour.  (This trip qualifies as a bike trip, since we did pedal!!)

6 7 8

Second stop - The Continental for Middle Eastern hors d'oeuvres.  Getting back on our trolley, we could see the sun reflecting off the Iowa State Capitol dome.

9 10 11

Third stop - Centros for pizzas. 

Fourth stop - Splash for desserts (too dark for pictures)


On our way back to the cars, we saw the Science Center of Iowa across the street.

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