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Beautifully Appointed Rooms Await Cyclist

We meet in Seattle on a Saturday morning and shuttle to a park in Anacortes, Washington.  After a bicycle ride around Fidalgo Island, we catch an early afternoon ferry for Vancouver Island and the city of Victoria.  We spend the night at the Laurel Point Inn on Victoria’s Inner Harbor.  Victoria has a beautiful downtown core centered around its Inner Harbor featuring a festive atmosphere, wide sidewalks lined with baskets of flowers hanging from light posts — perfect for walking, upscale shops and fine restaurants, and many reminders of its British heritage.  We see Victoria harbor from a fun perspective as we take a water taxi to dinner.

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Pickup at the Renaissance
Large cypress stump at rest stop

Orientation at Anacortes

Mist on Fidalgo Island
Mountain view

Buddy, the explosives-sniffing dog

On the ferry to Victoria
Carney in the fresh air

Jay before the concussion

Fast Eddie playing Freedeal

From the ferry

Laurel Point Inn, Victoria
Our bathroom

View from the deck

Seaplane taking off
Our neighbors

Another view

Joggers, planes and boats
Ken enjoying the view

On our way to dinner

Our water taxi
Dinner at Il Terrazzo

Walking home after dinner

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