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On Remote Canadian Gulf Islands  (July 7 - July 13, 2007)
“The World Was Standing Still”

The Canadian Gulf Islands in British Columbia are an extension of the same island chain that forms the American San Juan Islands in Washington State.  They are similar in that they both present islands with magnificent vistas — accessible only by a short and beautiful ferry ride — and they contain some of the best cycling in North America.  Like the San Juans, the Gulf Islands receive less than 30 inches of rain per year, about the same as some areas of southern California.

Yet the Gulf Islands are different.  They are harder to get to and thus are even less developed and populated than the American San Juans.  However, they have been a favorite vacation spot of Canadians for years, so they have some excellent country inns and dining places for us to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to spend a week, the Gulf Islands are hard to beat.  Travel & Leisure described them this way: “The forest gave way to grasslands burnt golden by the sun.  Then the land dropped off and I was standing at the edge, alone.  The water sparkled before me.  Somewhere far below, a tugboat strained to pull a harvest of logs.  I guess it was moving, but from this height it didn’t seem to be; from here, in fact, the whole world was standing still.”


Missing from photo: Ken Hostelley, Jay Rosenthal,Tami Mac Askill, Michael Treese, Mike and Sheila Riddell, Tom Pritchard

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