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Saturday's activities included (from Plan B):

Bike up the Kanaskis Parkway to Highwood Pass, then downhill all the way to Opal Creek for a final lunch.

Our last day included a 19 kilometer uphill climb (the last few kilometers at a 7% grade) to Highwood Pass, the highest pass in the Canadian Rockies.  Then a mostly fast downhill descent of about 30 kilometers to Opal Creek for our final lunch.  It was on the decent that Fast Eddie "went exploring," overshooting the lunch spot by quite a bit, and waited for Deb and the VBT van to find him.  The other Biking Blue Hen, Jay, was  also missing in action when a nameless member of Team Slow forgot to stop at the Team Slow van and tell him she was riding her bike to lunch.  After sweepeing up to Highwood Pass and not seeing anyone from our trip, jay finally made it to Opal Creek.

All in all, a wonderful week with many memories and new friends!!

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See the moose in the background?
Practicing "Strokin'"

Jeff and two of Team Slow

Fast Eddie keeping lookout for
the next biker to the pass
Here they come!!
Our fourth VBT trip together
Group Picture

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