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Background: I've been interested in, and surrounded by, art all my life; my dad was a painter, and my mom was a musician. Many of my friends are artists, and I know how hard they work to create their art. When traveling away from their studios, how can they best represent their work, without always carrying their portfolios with them? The Jay Rosenthal ArtWeb was conceived to provide artists with an opportunity for a web presence for their art.
Vision: My vision is to create an artist community on the web allowing prospective clients/galleries to view an artist's work, education, artist's statement, and shows. If interested, the client/gallery would contact the artist directly via mail, phone, or e-mail (the artist's choice). Unlike other art sites, The Jay Rosenthal ArtWeb does not sell art, nor receive a commission from any sales.
The Jay Rosenthal ArtWeb was the subject of an article in the October 2000 issue of Out & About magazine.

Jay and Maxine Rosenthal were the subject of an article in the March 5, 2004 issue of Community News.

Jay Rosenthal

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