Each image begins on a flat surface which becomes the canvas for an encaustic bas relief. These sculptural wax drawings are created by manipulating the qualities of encaustic wax. While the pigmented wax is hot and in a liquid state I use painterly techniques to create a base. Textural elements are formed by various methods. The dimensional qualities, achieved by building up and carving away of the wax , form highlights and shadows that create line, texture and space. One method is to make impressions of flowers, leaves and other elements found in nature and another is to drip and flow the melted wax in to shapes. As the wax cools I sculpt the wax and carve back into different areas to define the structure. Once the wax hardens I etch back into the surface using various tools and techniques, and then I apply oil pigments which are rubbed off leaving a subtle linear quality on the surface. The effect creates a harmonious yet sublime interpretation of natural themes and landscapes.